The New Luxury Branding

Challenges – Threats – Opportunities

Whether it’s top designer labels or premium auto brands, the Luxury Market faces both great opportunity and unique challenges as we move toward 2017. How will smart premium brands avoid the pitfalls and prosper now, and in the coming year?

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When thinking about Brand Awareness & your Competition, look no further than the Olympics.

Olympic gold medal

From the opening ceremonies on August 5th to the closing ceremonies on August 21st, much of the world will have their eyes and ears fixed on the Rio Summer Olympic Games.

One thing the Olympics have taught us is this – although the symbol has withstood the test of time, many aspects of the Olympics brand have – and continue to – evolve and retool according to the shifting perceptions of the quadrennial games. The same is true of any brand; yours can’t remain static in a world that’s constantly changing. A look at how the Olympics brand has grown over time may provide a springboard for a frank discussion on where your brand needs to be to stay competitive – today and going forward.

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How To Maximize Brand Exposure in Search

At a recent presentation, I was asked: What does Google’s decision to drop right rail paid ads mean for brands? Recently, Google removed right rail paid ads, in favor of placing paid ads at the top and bottom of a search page. The effect essentially pushes organic search engine results further down the page, especially when Google Places comes into play.

The future, especially when it comes to B2B search, remains uncertain. Here’s what we recommend to our search clients…


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In B2B Marketing, Content Reigns.
(What did you “say” today?)

First and foremost, b2b marketers engage in content marketing for the purpose of driving quality leads. But according to a recent Content Marketing Institute Survey they face two problems: developing enough quality content and determining if that content is achieving its goal. In spite of the growth of content marketing in the b2b arena, many companies still don’t know if theirs is generating the desired result. What’s the solution? Here’s an easy-to-read, b2b Marketing Content Kick-Starter Guide…



PowerPoint is the world’s most popular presentation program and a valuable brand-building tool for any CEO or company executive. A powerful presentation enables a CEO to tell his or her organization’s brand story in a manner that engages an audience, elevating interest in products and services, while building a personal relationship. However, ineffective use of PowerPoint will quickly dilute any message, and reflect poorly on YOU and your organization.

We’ve put together a simple-to-read PDF that outlines best practices for a creating a more compelling PowerPoint presentation. Download the document, follow the easy-to-learn steps, and unleash the “Power” in PowerPoint the next time you deliver your brand message:


Bobby Ring of Meyer & Depew Co-Chairs Boy Scouts of America Event

Congratulations to our client and friend Bobby Ring of Meyer & Depew for Co-Chairing another successful event for the Boy Scouts of America. Delia Associates was happy to participate once again in the 6th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Classic at The Architects Golf Club, and to contribute to the Scholarship that supports scouts with special needs.

Bobby Ring of Meyer & Depew Co-Chairs event for the Boy Scouts of America.


Helping a Luxury Brand Take Bold
Steps Forward.

Here’s how it Happened…



Deck Towel, an emerging online retailer of luxury linen towels, bedding, and related home goods, recently transferred to new ownership. To grow market share in a category filled with several established competitors, the new owners realized that the brand needed to effectively stand apart. At the same time, they wanted to leverage its legacy, and maintain the close customer relationships fostered since the brand’s inception. They turned to Delia Associates.

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Vojtech Fabian joins Delia Associates as Senior Graphic Designer.

Vojtech Fabian

Delia Associates, a leading NJ-based business branding and marketing firm, recently announced that Vojtech Fabian has joined the company as Senior Graphic Designer. Fabian is responsible for visual creative development for the firm’s broad range of clients, including branding, user interface, and overall design in both print and digital formats.

“Vojtech is a wonderful addition to our team,” commented Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates. “He is a very thoughtful artist, which is ideal for our brand-centric firm. His capabilities are diverse, and he is highly attentive to detail.  It comes as no surprise to me that our clients are praising the impact and quality of his work. Vojtech is a very talented designer, and we all are excited about the contributions he will continue to make as our firm continues to grow and evolve in its 52nd year in business.”

Fabian has an impressive 18 year career, working on a diverse range of business-to-business and consumer accounts, ranging from regional companies to leading global brands.  Prior to moving to New Jersey and joining Delia Associates, Fabian served as Senior Graphic Designer at Las Vegas-based RDG Advertising, where he worked on a diverse range of marketing projects, including clients in the hospitality industry. Originally from the Slovak Republic and prior to moving to the United States over a decade ago, Fabian served as Senior Art Director for Ogilvy Group CZ, and previously as an Art Director at BBDO Slovakia. Fabian holds a Master Degree in Industrial and Product Design from the Technical University Kosice.

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Ed Delia – Featured Panelist at the Luxury Marketing Council meeting in NY

Branding expert Ed Delia of Delia Associates participated as a panelist for the Luxury Marketing Council’s event at Keller Williams, New York, NY, April 12, 2016. The theme of the evening was “The New Luxury Branding: Challenges and Threats.”

Ed Delia - Featured Panelist at the Luxury Marketing Council meeting in NY

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How To Use LinkedIn To Build and Grow Your Brand

“LinkedIn debuted in 2003 and rapidly became the social media platform-of-choice for business executives, exceeding the one million users mark nearly two years later. Over the next decade, the “place to put your resume” expanded into the world’s largest professional network, which today includes over 414 million members.

With the introduction of Company Pages, LinkedIn became a place for businesses to introduce their brand and their company to the globally “Linked” community. A website is the online representation of your brand. Today, a LinkedIn Company Page functions as a website within a built-in network, and a direct extension of your brand. This incredible online asset enables b2b organizations to engage directly with decision makers and influencers in their respective industries, to deploy diverse content (text, visual, video, presentation) to a worldwide audience, and drive selling opportunities. Used effectively, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business development tools in a b2b brand’s arsenal today.

So why aren’t more b2b companies fully leveraging the power of LinkedIn?

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