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Search marketing is a crowded space with numerous providers, all bringing the promise of great results and an abundance of “leads.” What differentiates Delia Associates’ approach is that brand insight and strategy precedes tactics and numbers. We would rather furnish a client with eight high-quality inquiries that have an equally high likelihood of conversion, than 100 leads that represent a colossal waste of time for sales and service teams. We’re all about quality, and we take a holistic approach that combines search engine optimization with quality content marketing, social media integration and paid online advertising to generate profitable results.

Our transparent reporting package keeps clients up to date on exactly what we are doing for them every month, and ensures that we are always focused on and accountable to program goals and results. We utilize analytics as a means of not only monitoring program performance, but also to identify opportunities to continuously improve, adjust or introduce valuable performing site content and assets.

Unlike other firms, we do not “lock” clients into annual or multi-year contracts; we are happy to work on a month-to-month basis because the results we generate serve as reason enough for clients to stay on with us year after year.

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Delia Associates has helped increase web inquiries 76% year-over-year, boosting business performance, brand credibility and the bottom line.View Case Study

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