The 10 Dimensions of a Powerful B2B Brand

November 8, 2017 4:00 pm what makes a b2b brand powerful

All businesses should understand the value of branding. Products and services offered by a business are judged by each consumer, and that Judgement determines the customer’s entire perception of that company. The challenge becomes understanding exactly which dimensions will create a powerful brand and positive customer experience.

Here are the top 10 dimensions of a powerful B2B brand:

1.) The brand illustrates a distinctive message – The brand messaging must portray the company’s unique values and skills in a clear, concise and creative manner. The message should trigger an emotional connection between the customer and company while differentiating the business from competitors.

2.) The brand offers sincerity & authenticity – Sincerity & authenticity require a genuine commitment from the entire company. It starts with products that solve a genuine need and as it extends through the quality of manufacturing the marketing accurately promotes the product benefits while outlying the commitment to excellent pre-& post-sale service.

3.) The brand speaks with a clear audience focus – The messaging is tailored to your target market in a way that causes your audience to recognize that you are specifically talking to them.

4.) The brand has dynamic & inspiring visuals – The brand uses abstract ideas through animations in a way everyone will feel connected to the complex story. The visuals of the brand give the company a personality and convey the emotions of life.

5.) The brand visuals are aligned with messaging – The brand visuals are consistent with the messaging and elicit identical emotions while drawing the customer to the same exact conclusion.

6.) The brand messaging motivates action – Brand messaging understands the consumer behavior of needs and wants and inspires consumers to take action.

7.) The brand invites you to take the next step – The brand creates a pathway that will allow for customer engagement with the organization. The brand encourages a specific action to be taken.

8.) The brand’s intended target audience is evident – The target market is identified and clearly defined. The brand demonstrates an ability to craft a marketing message to a specific target market that will turn prospects into customers.

9.) The brand’s communication is well organized – Brand communication begins with a clear strategy. Clear as in what your brand represents and how the message is depicted by your customers in every communication channel.

10. ) The brand is measurable – The brand has metric opportunities to gauge the branding effectiveness. The brand is willing to rediscover, redefine, re-differentiate and deploy the new brand position.

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