January 2011: 10 Ways to Make 2011 a Next Level Growth Year

January 19, 2011 6:47 pm

Will 2011 be a Next Level Growth Year for You? Β 10 Ways to Make it So.

Things are looking up. Consumers are spending, the Jets are winning, businesses are hiring, and the “doom and gloom” headlines that have dominated the news since 2008 seem to be abating. Yes, the greater economy seems to be on the mend. So now . . . it’s time to grow again!

If you are forecasting 5%, 10% or even 20% growth this year, that’s great. But if you expect to get there by doing the exact same things you did in 2010, you may be disappointed. Growth can only happen through change, optimizing your brand and taking a new direction that will move your business and brand to the next level of prosperity.

What can you do to change the way you position your company and deliver your brand to create a successful 2011? We’ve come up with a complimentary 10-Point Action Plan to help ensure that this year is your best year yet. Action-oriented tips designed to get you noticed and bring in leads that convert to sales:

  1. Stand Up! Stand Out!
  2. Don’t Talk to Every-Ones. Talk to Right Ones.
  3. Explore New Ways To Reach Audiences
  4. Have a Plan
  5. Practice the Three “Be-s” of Heightened Awareness
  6. Make Your Site Action-Oriented
  7. Make Your Sales Team a “Team” (not a Collection of Individuals)
  8. First Impressions Win Business
  9. Do the Little Things that Matter Big
  10. Stay in the Hunt

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