4 Reasons Why Emotion Plays a Major Role in B2B Purchases

July 29, 2014 2:53 pm


    The Internet has blurred the lines between peoples’ personal and professional lives.
    One minute a person can visit the website of their favorite sports team and a few clicks later they could be searching for relay switch for a piece of electronic manufacturing equipment.
    On the web, one experience blends into another. And it increases from Boomers to Gen X to Millennials and so on.


    For many people, today, the office cubicle has been replaced by Starbucks, a park bench and even your kitchen table. If you’ve got a mobile device and an Internet connection you’re pretty much in business. The environment is relaxed and comfortable. The dress code is t-shirt, jeans, flip-flops – whatever. While there may be business getting done, emotional influence is all around.


    Sometimes competition is not a good thing. When so many things look and perform to your specs, how do you make the right B2B purchase? On price alone? That’s a recipe for disaster. No, today they’re being made the same way you make consumer purchases. First, by satisfying all your functional requirements and then, making an emotional connection that matches your beliefs, values and goals.


    Buying a book on Amazon can be influenced by reviews and recommendations. They’re emotion driven. Those emotions influence yours and if you’re disappointed with your purchase, well, it only cost you $20. Compare that purchase to someone placing a $200,000 order for a customized software program to run their company’s warehousing and distribution services. Disappointment with that purchase can be REALLY costly… late shipments, unhappy customers, lost sales… YOUR JOB! How’s that for emotion!

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