Five Content Development Tips to Get Exposure

April 10, 2012 2:07 pm

Content Development – Getting Your Articles Read

A growing number of businesses are utilizing an online marketing blueprint to help publicize their brand, broaden their reach and drive greater sales. Many of these components include search engine optimization strategies and social media marketing tactics. But, the lynchpin to launching successful online campaigns is often content development. Businesses are more frequently maintaining high powered blogs that feature a series of short, bite sized articles related to their respective industries. Content that produces value for the reader can exponentially enhance your company’s marketing results and ultimately your bottom line. It augments the company’s credibility by demonstrating an expertise in the field, which can lead to new business. Viral content can build backlinks, which in turn send referral traffic to your site and add search engine optimization value. But, the question remains, how do we make sure these articles are read by the people who need to read them?

Here are five tips to help your business get the exposure it needs:

  1.  Make sure you post your content on discussion boards and forums that are related to your target market. Try to add value to the written content on the page so the comment and URL are not moderated out. Also, do your best to refrain from making a full throttle marketing pitch. Too much PR has the potential to irritate the website owner and those who visit. Feel free to post snippets of the article and title in the post. Make the article as clickable and attractive as possible.
  2. Make sure your content is eclectic. The key to reaching several factions of people is creating a diverse database of valuable information. Write about nearly aspect of your specific industry, even if it is unconventional and does not ordinarily align with what your company does. If consumers see you as the expert in your field, they will return for more information and ultimately more purchases.
  3. Make sure your content is provocative and not redundant. Just like many people would not want to see the same movie twice, no one wants to read the same old story over and over again. Hundreds or even thousands of people may be writing about the same topic as you, but your job is to differentiate. Stand out in the crowd and write something that is exclusive or exceptionally valuable to the reader. It’s important to write about topical issues, otherwise your content will quickly be cast aside as dated and obsolete. Keep up with emerging trends because Google rewards content that is the most current. Go above and beyond what your competitors offer and don’t just meet the expectations of your readers, exceed them. They’re overused clichés, but they are true.
  4. Keep it short, personable and genuine. Content that invites engagement is a surefire way to induce more shares. Use infographics because they are statistically one of the most shared nuggets of content on the web. They are visually appealing and more inviting to most people who enjoy learning from imagery rather than long form writing.
  5. Utilize social media outlets such as Facebook and especially Twitter to further the reach of your content. Keep the tweet short and deploy at the most conducive times for retweets, usually around 2-6 p.m. Make sure the content is optimized and saturated with the most relevant keywords that people are searching for. Don’t forget to optimize the title and text within the article.

The if you build it, they will come theory has been proven false time and time again. Writing brilliant, creative content is half the battle. You must utilize a comprehensive online marketing strategy in order to capitalize. Need help? We offer the most encompassing online marketing around.

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