Delia Brand-Ism #5: In B2B Marketing, Content Reigns. Kick-Start Yours Here…

June 15, 2016 4:00 pm

In B2B Marketing, Content Reigns.
(What did you “say” today?)

First and foremost, b2b marketers engage in content marketing for the purpose of driving quality leads. But according to a recent Content Marketing Institute Survey they face two problems: developing enough quality content and determining if that content is achieving its goal. In spite of the growth of content marketing in the b2b arena, many companies still don’t know if theirs is generating the desired result.

It concerns me that without some form of success-based metric tied to the effort and investment, many CEOs are inclined to stop the “horse” shortly after it leaves the “starting gate.” I’ve seen far too many b2b content marketing programs stall in the early stages, and the reason why is becoming all to clear. It’s a shame, because given a fair opportunity a consistent content marketing program works extremely well. In fact, we’ve had clients experience the benefits first hand. Through one recent effort, we helped a b2b client secure a $1 million order; another was featured on a major radio show; and a third was the buzz of a major industry event. All these things happened because of great, compelling content.

If you’re struggling to create engaging content, download our new Content Kick-Starter Guide, which includes 50 topic idea generators, all geared to b2b marketers:

Delia Associates Content Kick-Starter Guide

And for those of you struggling to measure content effectiveness, consider SharpSpring, a marketing automation platform that features great tools for tracking and measuring inbound and outbound effectiveness. As a SharpSpring partner, we’re 1) obviously partial to that point, and 2) easily able to show you how SharpSpring can generate more and better leads, drive sales, and measure effectiveness, proving the tremendous value of content marketing.

In case you were unsure and afraid to ask: “What is Content Marketing?

  • Content marketing involves developing and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a specific audience, and ultimately, drive profitable customer interactions.
  • Today, it comes in many forms: email, press releases, blog posts, social posts, audio, videos, still images, info-graphics, direct mail, text and others.

In truth, Content Marketing is an elaborate, new term for what firms like ours have been doing for more than a century: getting the right information to the right people. Only now, we’re doing it with a completely new set of tools. These tools can sometimes confuse people, but they definitely make content deployment easier and more direct. Ultimately, the great content needed to populate these various tools still requires considerable commitment, time and effort.

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