Are Your Employees Properly Representing The Corporate Brand?

March 13, 2018 10:30 am

How are your employees representing your brand?

In a new E-book, we’ve summarized 10 actions you can take to ensure your employees become more brand aware. These practical steps will help ensure a positive brand message is reinforced both inside and outside the workplace which will help grow your business.
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Ed Delia became President of Delia Associates in 1998, assuming full control of the company founded by his father, Michael A. Delia, in 1964. Under Ed’s leadership, Delia Associates has contributed directly to the success and growth of a wide variety of clients, from global to regional organizations. The firm has helped many businesses to grow and expand their sales opportunities through the development and implementation of highly successful brand-based programs. Known for its business-centric creativity, Delia Associates has received numerous professional awards and industry commendations.