Don’t Waste Your Time with Article Spinning

April 4, 2012 1:21 pm

Why Article Spinning is a Waste of Time
(and Potential Customers)

Try a Google search on “article spinning” and you will get hammered with all kinds of results, paid and organic. Article Spinning software, services and solutions: all designed to help you drive more of your content out there in a super-effective and super-cheap sort of way. Hmmm . . . When super-effective matches up with super-cheap, I tend to become very skeptical. Why? “Effective” and “Cheap” reside at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to businesses, services, products, and brands. This is most certainly true with the practice of article spinning.

Article spinning is a questionable search marketing technique intended to improve search engine ranking by taking one article, then rewriting it multiple times to create the effect of multiple “unique” articles. The articles are then deployed to online article distribution portals, providing backlinks to the originator’s website. More backlinks will support a higher rank in organic search.

How is Article Spinning Done?

The core article content is taken apart as words are replaced with other words, and the syntax is reworked to make the new article appear unique from the original. This is often accomplished through automated article spinning software, or by low-cost offshore talent. Here’s an actual example we saw this week. These comments were submitted back to back, which is sloppy – another characteristic of those who typically use article spinning:

Do you mind if I use a few of the information that you simply talked about in this article for my own personal web site? I don’t need to repeat specifically everything you said, but I do need to make mention of a few of the things you stated. Please let me know. Thank you so much.

Do you brain if I use some of the data that you just described on this guide for my very own individual internet site? I don’t want to repeat precisely whatever you stated, but I do intend to make reference to a few of the things you described. Please make me aware. Thanks a lot.

Does it Work?

If your goal is to sell or influence human beings, article spinning is a complete waste of time. Reworking or spinning an article 20 times, and then dumping it into article directories is essentially a form of spam. It creates no added value for viewers, and likely doesn’t make for very good reading.

Plus, imagine the frustration of finding multiple search results that are essentially the same thing, with only the titles and a few words in each paragraph altered. With each additional partially cloned article, the viewer will perceive that you are playing games with them and wasting their time. Not exactly the kind of brand impression you want to make.

When content is generated purely for search ranking to the exclusion of everything else, we lose sight of the fact that there are potential customers at the other end, watching, reading and formulating impressions. If they believe that we are participating in silly search tricks, do you really think they’ll be inspired to call?

What does Google do about it?

Google hates this type of thing. If it doesn’t produce a good user experience, they don’t want it in their rankings. The tough part for Google is finding a way to weed it all out. They’ve now begun to do it, and it has already been making huge waves.

Do a quick Google search for “Build My Rank Google”. Build My Rank (BMR) was a company that would, for the cost of “about two cents per word” write articles for you and posts them to various networks. It was a lot of content and it was cheap. Google didn’t like the fact that they were making poor content do well in search engine rankings, and devalued every piece of content they had written. It is now worthless, people who used BMR fell dramatically in rankings (causing every penny they invested to be wasted), and BMR is going to go out of business. They will not be the last company this happens to. If you’re paying $500 per month for hundreds of links and 50 articles, you are playing with fire.

What to Do?

Focus on delivering useful and unique content for your viewers, each and every time, and then maximize that content by distributing it in every available viewer format. Leave the fooling Google efforts to the fools.

Unique content creation and deployment is the core of what we do at Delia Associates.  Find out more about our NJ SEO services here.

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