Brand Matters – A Jogger, a Bichon, and B2B Branding

May 17, 2017 9:30 am

A Jogger, a Bichon, and B2B Branding

Meet Jeter. He’s attentive, has excellent vision and hearing, and is one of the most socially friendly creatures I have encountered in this world. For all fellow Yankee fans, I’m not talking about “Derek Jeter.” I’m talking about a Bichon Frise named Jeter that entered our lives two years ago. You may be wondering what this has to do with branding. Just last week, Jeter inadvertently reinforced the remarkable power of emotion, and how in certain circumstances, emotion can completely override rational thought. Emotions heavily influence what we do or say, and most certainly the brand choices we make, especially when it comes to B2B brands.

Last week, Jeter and I were out for a jog at a local park. In mid stride, Jeter suddenly pulled backward. He does this occasionally, usually the result of catching a scent of something. It normally takes a light tug on his leash for him to put aside the momentary distraction, and resume his gait. However, this time, he pulled back sharply again, and I could actually feel the tension in his body. What I did not realize at that moment, was the huge German Shepherd that came up behind us, seemingly from nowhere. It was a bit startling to encounter a dog that big to begin with, let alone one that could come upon us so suddenly and silently. Thankfully, like Jeter, the Shepherd had an inherently friendly disposition. I assumed he was very lost or very local, as there was no owner in sight. As it turned out, he was local, and had wandered over to the park from a nearby neighborhood. The Shepherd just wanted to check us out, and after a few sniffs and a pat on the head, went on his way.

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