Brand Silence Speaks Volumes

January 23, 2012 8:29 am

That Silence is Loud! What brands say when they don’t speak.

I was just finishing up my morning workout, and I noticed something: There was an inner wall of the gym that has been under construction for what seems to be a long time; about three months now. Let me put this in context: My gym is an awesome facility. They’ve really thought of everything when it comes to keeping members – and their families – happy about getting healthy: Great people, great programs, great facility, and an overall great brand. And usually, they do an outstanding job of communicating to members.

So why am I harping on a little construction? Any facility that sees heavy daily use will need regular maintenance and upkeep. Here’s the deal: The area in question has been in an “under construction” mode for some time. No sign indicating what’s going on. No explanation from the front desk. No communication from management. So what happens? I’m left to my own crazy imagination. “Maybe it’s a really bad problem that they can’t figure out. Maybe the club will have to shut down for a while. Maybe they are in financial trouble.” You see where I’m going. When a brand doesn’t take time to communicate to its audiences – even on seemingly trivial matters – audiences start to fill in the blanks. And in ways that may be totally false and inaccurate. Competitors love to pounce as well with their own negative spin: “Yeah, they’re having major money problems. That’s why the construction never finished.”

Always be communicating. Always keep your audiences informed of what’s going on. Silence is dangerous and throws control of your image to the wind. When you proactively control the flow of communication, you are proactively controlling the perception and image of your brand.

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