Now Is the Time for CEOs to Embrace Content Marketing

October 22, 2012 7:30 am


Content marketing is the creation, deployment, and sharing of content – written, audio, image, or video – designed to engage an audience, with the intent of causing that audience to interact or react upon their exposure.

For many, content marketing has become the buzz word of the day. But for firms like ours who have been in the content creation and deployment business for years, it’s a highly effective toolkit that’s used day in and day out to drive success for clients. The expression itself – driven by broad commercial adoption of social media marketing as a channel for improving brand loyalty and reach – has emerged as an extremely popular topic (49,000+ Google searches for “content marketing” in September alone).

Content marketing can be allocated to audiences either selectively – developing and sharing content to a closed group, such as through a VIP or customer portal – or openly, to a wide audience that can access content in a free, unrestricted fashion.

It comes in many forms, sizes and styles: e-newsletters, subject-specific microsites, blog commentary, white papers and articles, webcasts, video segments, interactive how-to process diagrams, roundtables, infographics, landing pages, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, and even mobile apps.

The main driver of content marketing is the empowerment of customers through education and open sharing of expertise. The ultimate marketing goals are raising recognition and positive customer perceptions of a brand – be it a product, service, person or company. For small and middle market brands it’s an especially effective way to compete in the marketplace, substituting “street wise” smarts for what they may lack in size.


More and more, content is “driving the bus” when it comes to effective brand building and marketing communications. CEOs who recognize the importance of brand awareness, new customer acquisition, lead generation, customer loyalty and thought leadership can reap bottom-line benefits for their organization by employing an aggressive content marketing program.

Delia Associates manages content programs for a variety of CEOs, acting as the sounding board and co-author of sorts to ensure that content programs stay on point, on message and deploys on time.  Feel free to reach out to see how content marketing can help maximize your ROI.

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