Choosing the Right Social Media Marketing Platform

March 28, 2012 7:44 am

Social Media – Can You Really Do It All?

The simple answer – no, you can’t.  There are so many social media platforms out there that nobody can manage them all, let alone manage them all well.  There’s Facebook for sharing and friending, Twitter for microblogging, Pinterest for sharing pictures, Get Glue for checking into media, YouTube and Vimeo for video, and the list goes on.  Here’s a chart that shows over 75 different options for you.  So, when you need to pick a platform to get involved with, you have a lot of choices.  How do you choose the best one?

Know Your Purpose

Are you using social media for fun?  Go ahead and just pick what interests you most.  Find something that looks fun.  Social networks typically have a loyal, committed following (though the number of people can vary), and you’ll certainly find some like-minded people you can be socially active with.  If you’re choosing a platform for business, then you’re going to have a lot more questions to think through.  Are you trying to engage customers in conversation and enhance PR?  Do you want to showcase products in a fun way?  Are you trying to make yourself accessible?  Do you want to let everyone know about your promotions?  The answers to these questions are going to go a long way to helping you choose the right platform.

Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach?  If you’re a plumber, getting involved on Pinterest to show pictures of new pipes isn’t going to appeal to many people.  Getting on Facebook and giving tips that are going to help people save money could make a big difference.  If you’re a fashion designer though, there’s a good chance Pinterest is for you.  If you don’t know where your audience gathers, you’ll only wind up getting frustrated and wondering why nobody is talking to you or showing interest in what you’re providing.

Know Your Limits

How much can you realistically handle?  If you’re not going to commit and consistently follow through, it’s probably not going to be a good idea to engage.  Most people can realistically handle a social medium or two.  Once you start going with a bunch though, you’re probably over-extending.  Even though it looks like everyone is on every platform, the reality is that each person/company is only on a few, unless it’s their full-time job.  Do a few things well.  The benefits will be much greater.

Evaluate who you are, what you do, and where your audience is.  There is probably more than one option that will work for you, so pick one that makes sense and run with it.  There are also people who simply don’t have the time to effectively use a social media account for business, or know where to start.  If that’s you, we can help.  Our social media marketing team is trained to get you results.

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