Delia Brand-Ism #7: What Does Your Website Say About Your Brand?

January 24, 2017 9:15 am

First impressions are HUGE.


Your website is often a prospect’s first brand impression. Is yours making you money or costing you sales?

You meet someone for the first time. Your brain begins a series of instantaneous calculations to form a first impression. This happens in less than seven seconds. Our brains are hard-wired to do this, with non-verbal cues outweighing any verbal exchanges by four to one.

When it comes to your brand’s website, this exchange happens even faster. According to numerous studies, a viewer will have formulated a first impression of your brand within 1-3 seconds upon landing on your website.

A recent Pew Research Center Study indicated that 85% of B2B customers will review your site before making a purchasing decision. And 75% will judge your brand’s credibility based on the quality of your website’s design alone.

If you do nothing more today, visit your website. Take a fresh look at it with “brand eyes.” What is the first impression that your brand makes within three seconds upon visiting your website? Does it create emotional impact? Is it clear and readily understood? Does it allow the viewer to easily interact?

There are few second chances in business, and your website may be your one shot to engage a prospect with your brand. Your website should create selling opportunities, not turn them away. To the CEOs out there: For each day that your website is not delivering a powerful first brand impression, you are losing money.

To see some Before-After examples of brands that we’ve helped make a more powerful first impression, Click Here (or click the image above).

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