Tips for a Successful Email Campaign

August 17, 2012 8:38 am

Tips for Email Campaigns that Drive Click Through Rates

A good email marketing campaign will generate sales for your business and dramatically stimulate click through rates for your website. In order to maximize the success of an opt-in email marketing campaign, it is important to adhere to a number of key email marketing principles.

You should make the email subject and content as interesting as possible. One way to encourage your audience is to prominently place links in the email. This will help readers interact with the message and drive readers back to your website.

Companies are finding new ways to bridge the gap for their audience to click through to their website through a number of methods, including social media. Still, email communication remains a strong, viable form that can certainly expedite and streamline the process. Entice the audience with an incentive to click a link located in the email, and you’ll see click through rates rapidly increase.

Be as concise and clear as possible with the content of the link by strategically aligning your other assets including content and visual images. Eliminating gimmicks and embracing transparency will go a long way in building trust with your audience. Unfortunately, some companies continue to rely on deception to increase click through rates.

Make sure the content of the email is targeted at specific industries and provides sufficient value for people to be genuinely interested in reading it in its entirety. Remember to humanize the content as much as possible in an effort to promote engagement. A bland, run-of-the mill promotion will hardly increase your potential to make sales. Be provocative, but remember to remain authentic about what your company can offer. Targeting the right audience by utilizing segmentation will result in a stronger bottom line in the long run.

If your analytics have been trending up, there’s always room for more improvement. Making subtle tweaks in your email marketing campaign can go a long way in doing so. One of the best methods to accomplishing this is performing basic A/B testing, which will effectively help you discover how to obtain a higher volume of clicks. Just like good blog posts, or any other form of internet content, make sure you remember to keep your email short and concise. People check their emails at a rapid pace. You don’t want the recipient to get bored too easily. Make sure you add social media buttons as well, so that your reach is multiplied.

Other tips for optimizing your email marketing campaign include:

  • Make sure you personalize the email based on customer behavior. This builds trust between your company and recipients.
  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to utilize the post-script as means of provoking interest from your audience. Don’t be afraid to leave a “cliff hanger” to entice the audience.
  • Make sure the HTML code associated with your email is properly structured so that people operating a wide array of systems can access all of the information. If not, this can seriously damage your relationship with a prospective customer, so it is essential you do not let this detail fall through the cracks.
  • Put the call to action prominently above the fold.
  • Optimize your emails for mobile devices.

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