How Can Content Development Improve Your Search Marketing Strategy?

February 3, 2012 7:15 pm

Content Development can help your company surge!

When considering a viable search marketing strategy, many times, the importance of content can be diluted by the highly technical aspects of developing and programming a website. Those aspects are certainly pivotal, as is the ability to craft keyword saturated title tags and meta descriptions. But, if I had to identify one overarching theme that is prominent amidst any money-making SEO campaign, it would be content development. I know, I know, everyone is tired of hearing content is king. But, there are still so many truths to this old adage and here’s why.

Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving into a more cerebral formula. The objective is to provide the searcher with a list of sites that will deliver value by answering their questions, servicing their needs and giving them the greatest user experience. If your website isn’t producing content that is of value to your customers, then you will continue to have a difficult time accruing links, increasing page rank and elevating domain authority. Without these components, your SEO campaign will flounder in triviality.

Gone are the days when SEO firms could snag the low hanging fruits with gimmicks like link farms and keyword density. Keyword stuffing, which was once used to successfully manipulate the search engines, will now alienate your site from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Yes, you have to be cognizant of the algorithmic variables in order to properly optimize your site, but the important thing to remember is to write relevant content for your user not the Google robots. That sounds intuitive and obvious, but many companies cling to their past successes and fail to realize the need to adapt.

Dated content will kill your SEO campaign. This is information that Google can quite easily detect and use to supplant your site beyond the first few pages. Your rankings can plummet if your content is outdated. Why? Because it doesn’t provide sufficient value for the customer. Keeping content new and fresh will enhance your rankings and engage your customers. If your content is poor, users will quickly click the back button and your bounce rates will skyrocket.

Content development comes in many different forms. Press Releases and E-news Letters are certainly effective tools for portraying your brand in a positive light and generating a call to action. Another content creation avenue is executing clean, crisp copy for your on-site webpages. Strong search marketing firms can demonstrate a proficiency in diligently researching topics and skillfully writing content. But they also possess the wherewithal to integrate targeted keywords.

Content development is beneficial for off-site SEO significance as well. Writing relevant content that is useful for prospective customers is not easy. In fact, most companies think they’re doing so, but they’re not. How-to-guides, infographics, video marketing pieces or even controversial assertions are all potential approaches. If done succinctly, these articles or blog posts can be leveraged to gain exponentially more exposure for your site. They can be pitched as guest blog posts to sites with high page rank and domain authority. If you can add value to someone else’s site, they will return the favor with a link back to yours. This is the most graduated step of link building, but it is essentially the most effective. This will increase referral traffic, but it will also increase the authority of your site, which will, in turn, increase the rankings of your targeted keywords.

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