How Instagram Can Help Develop Your Brand

August 20, 2012 6:23 pm

You know how important social media is to a successful online marketing campaign. You also know about the profound impact and influence of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but what about Instagram? On the surface it appears to be simply a fun tool to share photos, but dig deeper and you’ll find it can exponentially extend the reach of your brand. Its influence is steadily growing as the trendiness and distinctiveness of its photo sharing platform continues to blossom. The ability to apply a digital filter and share to a community with similar interests makes it a unique and cool way of sharing photos and can also become a great way to improve your brand. The photographs can also be integrated into a variety of other social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, which owns Instagram.

With Instagram quickly approaching 100 million users, its reach is undeniable. It’s a tool that promotes social sharing and as a result can be leveraged to market a product and develop a brand. Visual storytelling has become a dominant form of communication with less emphasis on copy. Now, businesses can tell their stories with visuals, and nothing evokes emotions in consumers better than photographic stories. There are a number of opportunities to tell your businesses’ story in a distinguishable way.

Learn more about your customers’ perspectives by encouraging them to share their visual stories as well. Utilizing this strategy can go a long way in developing relationships with customers. Social media is a platform to create connections, but Instagram presents an opportunity to create a truly personal bond with the consumer. Take advantage of this burgeoning resource because it is new and continuing to grow.

A visual story can become an extremely powerful form of communication between business and consumer. Essentially, it is similar to the communication practices you would use on your Twitter or Facebook page. It’s messaging between brand and customer, but visually instead of textually.

These features are similar to Pinterest’s capabilities because they are both photo sharing social media platforms, but with Instagram, there is potential for a story to be told through a series of pictures. It’s a brand tool that creates a relationship between brand and customer without using any dialogue. What’s important to note is Instagram is still in its early stages and will continue to develop more user friendly features that will be helpful to consumers and brands alike.

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