How to Improve Your Search Marketing Campaign

January 27, 2012 3:50 pm

What to Look for in a Search Marketing Firm

Whether you have just started a company or you’re continuing to build upon your existing business, you need people to find your website. EVERYONE is online these days and it’s no surprise it’s quickly becoming the leading platform to advertise and market a product or service. Finding a search marketing firm that produces profitable results is not an easy task. Many search marketing firms talk a big game, but fail to back up their ambitious rhetoric with actionable solutions. Don’t make the impetuous decision of hiring a company without implicit credibility. This type of rash decision may not only set you back for the duration of your contract, but residually damage your future search marketing goals. Too many firms sell overpriced services that yield minimal results and a number of headaches. Follow these steps and you can prevent this kind of misfortune:

  • Seek a reputable search marketing firm with a powerful track record of delivering lucrative results. Look for a company with viable solutions to SEO/SEM challenges. This means look for a search marketing firm that sees the big picture and has a penchant for connecting creativity with technology. This formula worked for Steve Jobs and it certainly can work for your Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing campaign. If your firm is simply abiding by the basic tenets of any ordinary search marketing strategy, you may see sporadic fluctuation or maybe short term gains. But, you won’t see the results that can garner the type of exposure your company deserves!
  • Look for a company that is proud of what they have already accomplished for previous clients, but continues to harbor an insatiable desire to achieve even more success. This is the type of company that will not be content with a slight bump in traffic to your site. This is the type of company that wants to see wholesale changes to the direction and tactical outlook of your company. This company does exist; you just have to find it.
  • You want to find a search marketing firm that offers expansive services encompassing every nook and cranny imaginable within the search marketing sphere. A company highly proficient in keyword research and analysis, strategic implementation, link building, content creation, social media competency and website design is the type of agency you want to hire.
  • Find a search marketing firm that values integrity and prides itself on doing things “the right way.” Leveraging this approach should be essential for any business, but it is especially paramount in the search marketing industry. Why? Because a company that engages in deceptive search marketing practices can incur cataclysmic damages to their bottom line. Google can quite easily detect questionable search marketing tactics and will not hesitate in levying damaging penalties such as site banishment. You can avoid this by enlisting the services of a reputable search marketing firm.
  • The final piece of advice I would suggest is obtain a gauge of how you would work with this prospective search marketing firm. Establishing an optimal rapport with an agency is imperative to any working relationship. Creating target dates for milestones and scheduling comprehensive monthly reporting is essential to any business relationship with a search marketing firm. Without these elements, your progress will be stifled. Make sure your communication is impeccable before locking your company in to a long term agreement.

Heed this advice and make the right choice for your company. We’d love to help. Our search marketing approach is unparalleled and will generate the results you want!

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