How to Increase Sales Through Multichannel Mobile Marketing

August 28, 2012 3:49 pm

Mobile marketing is continuing to grow in scope and importance as more advertisers realize the majority of Americans consume their information through a mobile device. Whether it is a smart phone or tablet, the on-the-go consumer appreciates the convenience and intuitiveness of these portable devices. Waiting in line for an appointment, sitting on a train or watching television – it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Most people are glued to their portable device. This is why it’s important to leverage this tool to better reach the consumer market. Many more businesses are not only exploring this option, but investing considerable amounts of money into this form of marketing. The travel, entertainment and automotive industries are among the top spenders of mobile advertising.

Utilizing a multichannel mobile approach is essential to driving engagement and sales. Take advantage of QR codes, mobile advertising, mobile applications, mobile sites and SMS to solidify your mobile efforts. Using these in concert with each other will exponentially increase your odds of producing a highly successful mobile marketing campaign. It’s no longer enough to use one particular medium to increase engagement with your target audience. It’s more beneficial to utilize an overlapping strategy. Here are four elements to consider:

  1. Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications can augment your digital marketing strategy. It requires an outside the box approach to truly capitalize on all of the rewards of mobile marketing. In 2012, consumers are continuing to move away from online shopping via desktop and instead opting for the convenience of smart phones and tablets. Consumers no longer do the majority of their shopping on desktops. They are looking for an enhanced experience with intuitive mobile applications that can guide them through the buying process.

  2. SMS

    SMS can also help with these efforts by extending the reach of the brand to a wider group of consumers. It’s important to offer an opt-in option because many consumers are not receptive to SMS, and can get annoyed by an inundation of messages. Use proper judgment with even those who do opt-in. Sending an excessive amount of messages will only alienate your base. If done correctly, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to carry a much more significant, personal relationship with your target audience.

  3. Mobile Video Advertising

    Mobile video advertising is an important factor of a comprehensive marketing strategy. There is a precipitous increase of mobile marketing videos being utilized in an effort to drive brand awareness. Companies are reallocating television ad dollars to mobile marketing. Mobile video provides the opportunity to evoke emotion, be more engaging, target a more specific audience, and become more interactive. There is also the opportunity to measure the impact of the advertising faster and more precisely. Mobile videos present many opportunities to showcase what your company has to offer, whether it’s self-promotional or it allows consumers to learn more about the brand. Many companies such as Lay’s Potato Chips and Dr. Pepper have successfully utilized mobile video into their overall marketing campaigns.

  4. Integrate Social Media Into Mobile Strategy

    Integrating social media platforms such as Facebook and Foursquare into your mobile advertising campaign can certainly lead the consumer down the sales funnel and create the brand awareness your business is seeking. Many companies are now incentivizing checking in on Foursquare on their mobile device, which increases foot traffic in the store while also promoting the brand. Incorporating location into promotions and reviews can be extremely helpful in guiding the buying process.

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