Humanize Your Social Media Campaign

April 18, 2012 7:03 pm

How to Humanize Your Social Media Campaign

In order to run a truly successful social media marketing campaign, you need to humanize your company’s online presence. Companies – small and large need to understand that social media presents an opportunity to dramatically enhance a brand’s image, but this effort will be futile without humanization. Just as you would make connections in a face to face encounter, social media should be used to establish a strong relationship with prospects before you are granted the opportunity to make a sale. Most often, you’ll have to pay your dues to establish a certain level of trust and subsequent loyalty to consistently make sales. Transparency, humility and reliability are three qualities that are important to maintain throughout your social media endeavors.

You need to align your social media strategy with your business model. It’s very important to establish what you are striving to achieve before you begin your social media campaign – whether it’s brand awareness or development; customer service; or simply using social media as a promotional tool. Once these goals are defined, begin to execute your strategy using the litany of viable platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus and more.

It’s important to reject any temptation to use automated messages that will encumber your opportunities and initiatives to humanize your campaign. Although millions of people have already discovered the multitude of benefits afforded to them through social media channels, many businesses and customers remain hesitant to fully embrace this platform. It is incumbent upon you as a company to make them feel comfortable communicating via social media channels. This is why building a more personable rapport with potential customers may lead to sales.

Post videos, pictures and audio to help humanize your brand. Have the CEO of the company contribute as well. Understand your audience and interact with them accordingly. Make sure you hold yourself accountable if and when the company does make a mistake. Your customer base will appreciate your transparency and interpret it as a symbol of your honesty and integrity, as long as it’s not an egregious or repetitious mistake. Being a good listener is an invaluable trait in any human interaction, and it can also prove to be very important on social media as well.

Monitor mentions of your brand name and observe what people are talking about and how they’re saying it.  Don’t send smug, snide comments, but instead be willing to compromise and listen to others beliefs. Authenticity is paramount. Put a name on your blog posts, tweets and status updates to humanize your brand. It makes you a reliable source and greatly strengthens your credibility. Infuse your own writing voice into interactions so customers don’t feel like they’re talking to a robot.

Successfully humanizing your campaign can help multiply your reach as a business and help you leave indelible brand messages in the minds of many consumers. Leveraging the powers of social media can help you increase the conversion rate on your website, deduct the cost of ancillary marketing tools and connect you with your most sought after customers. You may go through some growing pains at first, but eventually you’ll find how to solidify your social media marketing strategy and augment your viability as a company. If you need help humanizing your campaign, contact our NJ Social Media Marketing team today.

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