Link Building Strategy – Essential for Your SEO

March 27, 2012 2:19 pm

Link building Is a Catalyst for SEO

Search engine optimization entails more than simply optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, URL’s, page functionality and other on-site components. These elements must be accounted for but in order to solidify your SEO goals, you must take link building very seriously. For a variety of reasons, it is often the catalyst for launching an immensely successful search engine marketing campaign.

Link building is eminently important because of the specificity of the Google algorithm and it’s penchant for ranking the most relevant and valuable sites at the top of their search results. In essence, link building is a vote of confidence from another web site. The more quality links your site obtains, the greater the chance of securing a higher domain and page rank. Your site needs to accumulate a great amount of links, but remember Google values quality more than quantity. Not every link is created equal so it is important to perform meticulous research and ascertain the most sought after links.

Quite simply, a site with a sleek design and a user-friendly interface can be successful in search, but you’re squandering substantial SEO growth without a well-planned link building strategy. Link building can be accomplished through a variety of tactics. Here are three of the most effective:

  • Submit your site URL to industry related articles, social media forums and blogs. Do this by seeking out the most relevant sites, reading the article and then posting a thoughtful response that the blogger will respect and value in their comments section. Refrain from leaving a generic comment such as “nice article” because this has a greater chance of being moderated out of the blog. Post your name, email and URL, and make sure the anchor text is relevant and search optimized. Use social media sites to enhance link building. It is a great outlet to utilize to increase your link building total if you provide content of value. Plus search engines are beginning to use social media links as authoritative measures of page rank and domain.
  • Submit your site URL to the most relevant directories or RSS Feeds. Some directories are free like DMOZ while others are costly such as Yahoo. If you can accumulate a large volume of directories, you will be able to increase your own page rank and domain authority. But, make sure to do adequate research and only submit to the most industry specific directories available.
  • Finally, the most advanced but most effective method of enhancing your page rank and domain authority as well as your link total is guest blogging. Produce posts that provide value including infographics, videos, how to guides and provocative articles. Develop relationships with influential bloggers on social media sites and via email so they will be more willing to accept your post and grant you that elusive link. It’s okay to request a link from a credible source if they’ve mentioned your content as valuable. Don’t be afraid to reciprocate by linking to their content as well.

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