B2B Brand-ism #1: What Matters Most? Great Brand Messaging.

September 15, 2015 12:53 pm

B2B marketing formats evolve, but great brand‑based messaging matters most and should always come first.

Remember the fax machine? Some 40 years ago, businesses took advantage of this “emerging technology” to transmit messages faster and easier, and deploy to multiple parties within moments.

Flash forward 20 years. Business begins to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world. The technology: the Internet. The marketing tool: email. During the same time, marketing accelerated at lightning speed as companies built and launched websites. Commerce shifted from regional and localized markets, to one massive global market, where borders no longer exist. Not long afterward, businesses started sharing communications real time by tapping into the power of another communications innovation – social media. LinkedIn was founded in 2002. Facebook and Twitter would follow a few years later.  Today, B2B brands are embracing developments in interactive media, augmented reality, beacon technology, apps, video content, evolving social media platforms, as well as the expansion of utilization of mobile devices.  The real world and the virtual one have become increasingly intertwined.

Throughout this remarkable evolution, there is one true constant; one thing that has never changed; one thing that mattered most then, matters most now, and will continue to matter most tomorrow:  Creating and delivering great, emotion-based, audience-focused brand messaging.

Communication devices and delivery systems will most certainly continue to evolve. However, great brands with great brand messaging will be remembered most and make the biggest difference.  Why?  Because we connect with the brands that touched us, and not the manner in which they reached us.

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