MQL: The Unsung Hero Your Marketing Team Needs

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Yet another acronym in the multitude of business jargon, MQL is defined as a Marketing Qualified Lead.

This individual is unusual in relation to other leads because due to certain lead intelligence, they’re more likely to become a customer. Out of all the people your company markets to, they should warrant the most attention from your sales team. As a member of this sales team or as a VP of Marketing & Sales, you’re judged off of the number of MQL’s you rake in each month.

Besides making your company a profit, they also save you both time and money. Identifying these key customers early on keeps your sales associates from wasting time with individuals who may not fit your buyer persona, or may not even be interested in what you’re selling. How can someone from your sales team identify one of these mystical MQL’s you might ask? First and foremost, you’re going to want to take another look at your buyer persona. This will give you a solid start in identifying your MQL profile. If you’re a B2B organization, identifying what their role might be in a company, who they would report to, and how large. small their company may be are all important details to keep track of. After accumulating a sufficient profile, it’s time to move on to step two.

In the same way that you look for more than physical factors in a spouse, you should be looking at the intangible features of your MQL. This means determining which channels your best leads come from, where they spend the majority of their time, and even what social media they post on most frequently. And finally, for all these desirable traits and actions, you must also identify the undesirables. This means firmly understanding what you definitely don’t want from your ideal lead.

Upon completion, you should be sitting in front of a pretty thorough checklist that identifies who is and who is not an MQL for your company. We highly recommend passing this out to your sales team, and possibly to the entire company, so they are all on the same page. Not only will your sales team save time sifting through leads, your expenditures will decrease as marketing tactics hone in on the right channels where numerous MQL’s lie in wait.

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