Super Bowl 2012 Ads – Turning a Marketing Event into a Super Marketing Program

February 3, 2012 8:23 pm

The Super Bowl Marketing Has Expanded

Every year, the Super Bowl ads buzz begins earlier and earlier, much in the same way retailers start to display Christmas décor far in advance of Halloween. This is really an awesome development for the brands that venture into Super Bowl ad space, because there now exists an opportunity to significantly extend the conversation between brand and audience. Until a few years ago, we all had to wait for the big game to see the latest installment of wacky, zany, heartfelt, action-packed Super Bowl ads. And beyond some water-cooler conversation the following Monday morning, the moment for many of these brands was largely gone. Today, as in the past, it represents a huge risk for brands, as a lot of time, energy and significant advertising dollars are poured into 30 seconds of “quality time” with the American consumer. We’ve previewed some winners, and some losers.  You can view just about all of them all here: Super Bowl Ads 2012, and those of years past

What marketers are doing that I think is really great, is something we’ve always advocated to clients when it comes to their involvement in a major industry event, show or occasion: Plan your strategy well in advance of the event. Think in terms of what you’re going to do to before, during and after the event to maximize your participation. Develop a total theme or main idea, and an action plan for each phase. Don’t just show up and say, “Here we are.” Think it through. Focus on the information people want and need. What’s the one thing that you want audiences to absolutely remember about you: a new product, a new capability, a certain feature or characteristic? Drive that point home throughout all phases. Take advantage of pre-event promotion – press announcements, emails, web banners, and social media buzz – to create anticipation. Then, when the event happens, use all possible means to drive your key message home. Get people excited and engaged. But don’t stop there. Make sure that you’ve adequately thought through the post-event communications as well. People are quick to forget. Especially when they’ve experienced information overload . . . like at a major Super Bowl-like event. Continue and carry the conversation through with follow up activities.

Engage before, during, and after an event and you’ll maximize your investment and ROI. Enjoy the ads, and the game. For more info about how Delia Associates can make this work for you, check out our tradeshow marketing services.

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