Why U2 and BoA were #1 at the Super Bowl.

February 3, 2014 4:51 pm

Super Bowl ads cost a fortune to produce and run. The stage is unrivaled. The audience unsurpassed. The opportunity is unlimited.

So making every second of commercial time count is critical. Amid the endless parade of beer, movie and car spots, U2’s, “Invisible,” one-minute rock-mercial partnership with Bank of America in support of (RED) scored like the Seahawks on so many levels.

Here are 10 reasons why we believe it rocked beyond all others . . .

  1. The dramatic debut of U2’s new single “Invisible” as a prelude to their forthcoming album.
  2. The stark black & white style was a dramatic departure from the typical full-color high visual, graphic style that dominates most Super Bowl spots.
  3. FREE! The direct-response technology collaboration with I-tunes offering the song “free for the next 24 hours” generated immediate viewer interaction.
  4. “But wait there’s more…” emotional connection: Everyone can get a new U2 song AND support a great cause at the same time.
  5. Bank of America presents itself in an understated and supportive role throughout the commercial bringing a dimension of humanity and caring to its financial support of (RED).
  6. Broad generational appeal across all three brands. Bank of America’s coming-of-age clients are in key demographics that either like, love or at the very least know of U2 and their efforts in support of important social, health and humanitarian causes.
  7. U2 has enduring global recognition and an appropriate brand for Bank of America to align with as one of the world’s top-20 banks.
  8. Super Brand Synergy! In one minute, and under intense Super Bowl scrutiny, U2, Bank of America, (RED), and iTunes came together beautifully.
  9. An Unexpected Partnership. A musical brand, a technology brand and a corporate brand join with one voice for a really worthy cause. Cool! Can’t we all just work together like this for a greater good?
  10. Finally, a nice image boost for Bank of America brand, which, like many in the financial sector, tend to be generic, overly conservative and very corporate in their messaging. Sometimes, it’s OK for even banks to be cool.

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