Three Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Using a Social Media Marketing strategy

January 13, 2012 10:16 pm

You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The world is changing at a lightning quick pace. Technology is altering everything we previously knew about the internet, and it’s hard to keep up. In the last decade, the evolution and prevalence of social media has revolutionized how friends, family and business associates interact with each other. As a result, the realm of online marketing and advertising has been transformed for the immediate future.

Marketing and advertising has progressed for centuries from print to radio to television to telemarketing to everything between. But now, more than ever, an increasing amount of corporations and small businesses are investing an enormous amount of money in online advertising and more specifically, social media marketing. Top executives from reputable companies understand a simplistic, but remarkably important principle: they must adapt to a precipitously changing business environment in order to stay ahead. This means embracing change. To continue the ascent or remain at the top, it’s vastly imperative to market your business on social media. Here’s why:

1.     Social Media is influential

Over the course of a few short years, social media incrementally altered the way we disseminate news and consume information. Social media has become the premier platform to discuss current events and the leading channel of basic communication. This is why, Twitter along with Facebook, LinkedIn and many more social media outlets, have become the primary area to market or advertise a business, product or service. A growing amount of companies are pouring money into this seemingly unstoppable machine. This is because the discussion of a product, offering, or service by the users themselves lends an unprecedented amount of credence to its viability. Companies exponentially benefit from Twitter followers, Facebook fans or Google + circles advocating its services and openly endorsing its efficiency or value. This causes a word-of-mouth chain reaction that is often the lynchpin of a viral campaign. This increases brand awareness, stimulates leads and ultimately enhances companies’ ROI.

2.     Social Media is engaging

With social media, companies can develop business just as they would at a mundane seminar or holiday party. In fact, it’s much easier, convenient and beneficial to do so online. Building a relationship with a potential client online is not much different than doing so at those events mentioned above. However, many executives remain reluctant to embrace the unparalleled structure of online engagement. Well, again, this goes back to pushing beyond the comfort zone and accepting change. This is the world we live in and the truth is it’s not as scary many think. It’s all about finding common interest and engaging in a way that will provide value for both you and your customer. You can find prospective customers by presenting a personable side of the company you represent. Social media is a forum for companies to express their gratitude directly to the customers. This will enhance your brand image and lead to business growth. But don’t forget the most important aspect of engagement. Social media provides the opportunity to share pertinent content such as how to guides or elaborate product descriptions. It also allows for companies to keep existing or prospective companies by dangling discounts and other exceptional offers. Your customer service ratings will soar and your ROI will follow.

3.     Social Media is versatile

Yes, that’s right social media can be utilized to launch a new branding campaign or simply as means to extend the reach of your current brand. It can be used as a way to drive web traffic to your company page or as means to simply communicate with prospective and existing customers. Your social media marketing campaign will go only as far as YOU take it. It’s important to understand the complexities of each major platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Leveraging these social media outlets can not only produce word-of-mouth exposure, brand development, and lead generation, but it can also improve your search marketing campaign. Creating valuable, more importantly, shareable content will not only make your followers, fans, and customers happy, but also increase your positioning in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

In conclusion, it’s vitally important to define your business objectives before you begin your social media marketing campaign. Don’t lose focus and remember it’s an extensive process, but if done right, can take your business to heights you’ve never been.

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