Tips for Creating Content that Generates Traffic

June 15, 2012 2:56 pm

Content Creation – What You Need to Know

Content creation has become a requisite for any business hoping to generate more attention for their brand and greater traffic to their website. It’s become important to exude a confidence in your craft and lend credence to the idea that you actually know what you’re talking about. Sharing infographics, how-to-guides, industry news or provocative viewpoints are all highly relevant pieces of information that can potentially lead to viral material. The goal should always be to bring prospects to your website and new business to your company.

There are a number of objectives to keep in mind when conceptualizing blog posts. You should clearly identify the target audience for your post. Your target audience might differ from post to post, but be sure to tailor the language and direction of the post toward the audience you’re writing to. Also make sure to enrich the text with the proper SEO-saturated keywords for optimal exposure.

You should also determine a very specific objective for the post. You know you want to provide value for the reader, but what style of writing will you utilize to do so? Are you attempting to assert a broad prospective on industry news or are you trying to introduce a new product or service? Make a concerted effort to define these objectives up front in order to avoid problems down the road. You should also be sure to explicitly state your product’s competitive advantage. What distinguishable characteristics does your product possess that your competitors do not? Make sure you include a call to action that can expedite the sales funnel. A landing page that features an e-book or video can be a good start.

Your marketing strategy’s effectiveness is largely contingent on your content creation abilities. Sometimes, we tend to overthink the blog posts we write. Some of the best posts are not those that assert the most philosophical, brilliant thoughts. The best blog posts are those that are written succinctly enough to get a point across and present an interesting opinion.

Adapting information from other sources is perfectly acceptable if you make sure you put your own original spin on the story. Use books, webinars, social media observations, and search terms as inspiration for your posts and elevate your content creation to the next level.

Make sure to maintain a disciplined editorial calendar for your content creation deadlines. Set the deadline with plenty of time for review so you can make edits before publishing. Customize the ideal format for your blog with particular fonts and subheadings. Give it a consistent style.

Everything a prospective client would want to know before engaging with you should be explicitly stated in your content. Consumers buy from companies because they share a similar value set to their own. Make your business ideals as transparent as possible. Sharing your take on the state of industry related products and services will earn you credibility and trust, which will make you more enticing to prospective customers.

Content creation will also augment your social media strategy. It will create more opportunities for you to engage with your audience by posting status updates. You can put forth your original voice in your social media program rather than continually relying on posting other publications’ articles. A regimented social media program will keep you on task and keep you consistently blogging.

If you need help creating content, let our content marketing firm develop the right plan for you. We also recommend that you check out 5 content development tips to get exposure.

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