Web Design and SEO – Why You Need to Use the Same Firm for Both

May 7, 2012 4:15 pm

There are a lot of companies that specialize in either web design or SEO, but there are few with true expertise in both web design and SEO. If you want to make the most of your online presence, it’s crucial for you to find a company that will do both for you, and do them well. You will be better off in the long run and you’ll save a lot of money. Here’s why you want the same firm to do Web Design and SEO:

  • You’ll have an SEO team that already understands your business and your target markets. A lot of SEO firms just want to put some words on your site, build some links (often with automated software that puts your rankings at risk), and generally follow a cookie-cutter strategy – regardless of who you are. They budget minimal time to learn about your business and to their work based on assumptions. Finding a firm that does both web design and SEO ensures that the same company who has learned what makes your business tick, researched the mindsets of your audience, and become a partner for your success by developing your custom website is applying that extensive knowledge to building and executing your custom SEO strategy. You don’t want a disconnect between a site’s design and content that’s optimized for your specific target markets and an SEO campaign that focuses on a different audience – or doesn’t focus at all. Using one partner, rather than multiple vendors, will ensure seamless integration and the best return on investment.
  • Doing both at the same time helps create the right architecture from the start, avoiding duplicate work. Web architecture is an important part of SEO, and it is often difficult to change once your site is established. Elements such as your URL architecture, page categories, page layouts – they all affect your SEO. Don’t waste time and money building an architecture with a web design specialist only to have your SEO specialist recommend rebuilding it a short time later. Beyond the structure of the site and it’s direct effect on SEO, having the same firm working on both elements ensures that the people handling SEO understand the web architecture as well. There are many different tools that a web design team can use to build a website. If the website was built in a very “unique” way, or just one that the SEO team isn’t fluent in, it could cause major problems. At best, you’d be paying for someone else’s learning curve. At worst, your site could be fatally flawed and never able to realize its full potential. Avoid all the dangers and complications by having the same company do all the work from the beginning.
  • Having everything done under the same roof gets you more for your money. The bottom line is ROI. All of these issues require more time to resolve, and consequently shift your budget away from where it should be allocated: getting results. Don’t get trapped into extra costs or sacrifice your results because you’re paying two different groups of people. Get it done right the first time, so that all of your budget goes towards generating traffic, converting new leads, and increasing your revenue.

Before you have your website created or redesigned, you’ll be far better off choosing a company that can both build and market the site. When you’re ready to develop your website, or if you’ve got a great website that no one can find, give our NJ Web Development agency a call. We’ll make sure you have a stellar website, and get eyes on your page.

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