Why CEO’s Should Use Social Media

August 10, 2012 8:26 am

Building a highly effective social media strategy is something on the minds of many CEO’s throughout a diverse group of industries. There are a number of methods available that will produce results, create engagement, and lead to brand awareness, preference and sales. Providing value is a principle those in the marketing industry live by and is a key ingredient to stimulating social media engagement and ultimately, return on investment. One effective tactic that is often overlooked is having the CEO of your company engage in social media activity. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Understandably, many CEOs are busy with other aspects of running the business. But, regardless of other obligations, it is important for CEOs to use some of their time during the week to enhance their companywide social media presence because it can ultimately lead to business growth.

Recently, the prevalence of social media has become more evident among consumers. Very few CEOs utilize social media even though a great majority of the population is currently active on Facebook and Twitter. Social media has now become a societally acceptable form of communication for employees and customers alike. Having the leading voice of a company occasionally present thoughts and insights certainly goes a long way in humanizing your brand and your company. CEOs are quickly discovering the wealth of benefits that can be reaped by embracing social media technology. This form of communication allows for customers to ask questions, issue complaints, or even present ideas to the most pivotal decision maker in the company. Engagement with customers will certainly augment companies’ efforts to improve online presence and build a better brand.

For CEOs it is also a way to obtain contacts and ultimately strengthen their business. It is a viable alternative to purchasing all leads through Google PPC ads. Many consumers and prospective customers are more likely to trust a company if their leader’s voice is heard. This builds brand trust, breeds more confidence in consumers and ultimately leads to increased sales. If consumers can trust the leadership of the company based on social media interactions, they will also feel like they can buy from these companies as well.

Many companies are benefitting from social media engagement, but those that will reap bigger rewards will be those that have the people at the top active on social media. It is quickly becoming one of the premier avenues to marketing success, so why leave such an asset on the table? CEOs need to make their voices heard to evoke emotion amongst the consumer base and create success.

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