Why Embracing Google+ Can Make All the Difference in Your SEO

December 23, 2013 5:07 pm

In the midst of adapting to algorithm changes, chasing link building campaigns, optimizing on-site keywords, daily management of PPC, Facebook, and Twitter, SEOs have their work cut out for them.  One of the most important skills for any SEO is identifying what tools and techniques will make the maximum impact with our limited time. We’ve found that embracing Google + and taking advantage of all of its features can make an almost immediate impact on your current SEO efforts and exposure.

In the 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors report from Moz.com, the site details that the number of Google +1’s a site receives is a top ranking factor only seconded by Page Authority. This is a direct reflection of both the impact and prominence that Google has placed on their service Google+. Couple that with the ever growing popularity of the inclusion of Google Authorship to create standout headlines on Google SERPs and you have a recipe for success.

Through extended use of the service such as posting blog entries, adding individuals to your circles, +1ing other users content and pages, Google creates a web of engagement further linking you to other users, but more importantly linking them to your content.

Remember Google’s search algorithm considers the individual user that is currently logged in to determine what type of search results will populate, did you know it also show you content of users you have connected with? This means that any piece of content that you may have produced, whether it be directly on Google+ or submitted via Google Authorship, will be pushed closer to the top of relevant searches from user who have engaged with your content before. What started out as the simplest search bar available has now grown into one of the most complex beasts of content and exposure currently residing within the World Wide Web, and it is our job to tame it.

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