5 Reasons We Use WordPress for Web Design & Development

September 10, 2012 7:31 am

At Delia Associates, we manage websites in Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, and WordPress. We know web design and SEO, and can manage these services across various platforms, but when we recommend a Content Management System (CMS) for a client, we recommend WordPress virtually every time.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe WordPress is the best platform for your site:

  1. WordPress has the most user-friendly CMS. Our clients don’t want to call us every time they need to make an update to their website, they would like to just make the changes themselves. With WordPress, this is a piece of cake, and one of the best features of the platform. If you can compose an email, you can update content in WordPress.  It uses a very similar interface to email, has a preview feature that lets you see exactly what the content will look like in context (not an abbreviated preview like Joomla or a combined preview like Drupal), and does not require any HTML expertise for basic editing.
  2. WordPress is fully customizable. WordPress enables us to cost-effectively develop sites with highly customized site functionality. Years ago, WordPress was primarily a blog platform. If you wanted a full website, it was better to go with another platform. This is no longer the case. Themes, templates, and plugins all allow you to fully customize your site.  A skilled developer can do virtually anything within the constructs of the system – and at a much lower cost than other platforms which require extensive editing and work-arounds for customization.
  3. WordPress makes it very easy to incorporate a blog. A blog is critical for just about any website. WordPress started as a blogging platform so it has an inherent infrastructure for blogging that is far superior to other platforms. The blog interface is smoother, easier to customize, doesn’t require additional add-ons, and provides for a better overall experience. Even better, the blog is hosted on your site (as opposed to a blogging platform like TypePad which is hosted on a different URL). This means that users do not have to navigate away to read your blog, and all links to your blog continue to help establish the authority of your site.
  4. WordPress has great plugins – especially for SEO. There are ways of enhancing your site with add-ons in most platforms, but WordPress has very easy ones to use that can greatly enhance your SEO. From optimizing your tags (we recommend Yoast) to creating redirects, WordPress has easy-to-install plugins that don’t require much more than selecting and pressing “install”. There is no back end, FTP, or extra development work like you would find in a platform like Drupal.  It is also very easy to create headers and alt tags without knowing HTML. If you’re interested in making sure your site is found on Google, WordPress makes it easy.
  5. WordPress is cost-effective. Because customizing WordPress typically doesn’t take as extensive programming time as other platforms do, websites can be turned around more quickly, and with less expense. A vast library of plugins serve as a resource so that developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they want to make a customization to the site. This means that features can be implemented in minutes instead of hours. This produces better results and a quicker turnaround at a decreased cost. You could pay more for your site and go with a different platform, but why would you?

Years ago, there were certainly advantages of platforms other than WordPress. WordPress had some benefits while other platforms had theirs. The playing field has been greatly leveled since then, and WordPress is now able to do virtually anything that other development platforms can. We wholeheartedly believe that WordPress is now the best solution for most websites. If you’re thinking about creating a new website, or simply redesigning your existing one, give our NJ Web Development team a call. We can talk you through the critical choices early on in your web project.

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