4 Branding Design Trends that will Impact B2B Businesses in 2021

January 5, 2021 3:32 pm brand design trends

Professional branding encompasses product reliability, features, quality of the products and customer service, and the experiences your customers have with the brand.

In 2021, we expect to see b2b brands establish identities, positions and follow the brand design trends we have been tracking.

Top 4 branding design trends in 2021:

1.) Vigorous colors that pop

Brands are no longer afraid to stand out. A great deal of b2b businesses are choosing brighter, softer and warmer colors. Brands are finding the customer experience more pleasant with an inviting color palette. Other brands are returning to the powerful primary colors, blue, red and yellow which allow for the brand to dynamically stand out.

2.) Design sophistication through simplicity

Logo design for brands has become simpler for the design concept to be amplified even more. The return to simplicity is growing and cannot be overlooked. Brands have become more aware of and sensitive to design, helping them attract and reach their target market.

3.) Unique, captivating messages

The trend in b2b brands is making a positive shift in messaging, becoming less focused on themselves and more on how they can help the customer. The messaging is allowing for distinction from the competition in the marketplace by focusing on the customer. Brands are elevating themselves from the competition by using unique messaging that creates an emotional connection with their audience.

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4.) Dynamic visuals that inspire

To go along with messaging, font choice is an opportunity for messaging and visuals to work together more powerfully. The typeface, size, spacing and color is a visual component that can demonstrate a business’s authentic personality. Graphics are also becoming more compelling. The graphic choices are conveying an emotional feel that complements the messaging. Brands are imagining the audience with visuals the target audiences will respond to.

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