How To Tell If Your Competitor’s Brand Is Better

Ever spend time thinking about your sales process and ask yourself the question “why is my competitor getting new business and I’m not?” Do you ask this more often than you’d like? The foundation of all company recognition, longevity, and even business development is the company brand. If your company is not well branded using…
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#BrandBuildingAtWork – A Valuable Branded Video

A Key Differentiating Video For Minalex The competition in the world of B2B aluminum extruding is extensive, with suppliers and manufacturers all over the globe. Minalex specializes in miniature aluminum extrusions and needed to set their company apart from all of the others in the field. Delia Associates was able to find the extraordinary in…
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What would your “best” clients say about your brand?

Clients typically come in three forms: A, B, and C. A is for Awesome. B is Bi-Polar. C is Corrosive. The A-Level client is the ideal. They love the experience of being serviced by your brand as much as you love servicing them. There exists a perfect harmony, as they are the client that your…
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Don’t Have A Mobile Friendly Website? Might As Well Not Have A Website At All.

#Mobilegeddon | Google doesn’t want to show your old website. In 2014-2015, Google began to implement their preferred search algorithm for prioritizing mobile friendly and mobile first websites over desktop-only sites, which caused a stir in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) community. This led to a large number of companies rebuilding their websites to be…
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How well do your people know your brand?

A few years ago, I had a very interesting encounter with a CEO of a construction company. He sat me down in a conference room with a large white board at the far end. “Do you know why you’re here?” he asked. He then pointed to the whiteboard behind him, and answered his own question:…
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Throwback Thursday – Primrose Management

Brand Communications, Circa 2010 Brand Development for Primrose Management, a start-up HR specialty consulting firm, included a from-the-ground-up approach using our Brand Leadership Solution®. Services included brand messaging, logo design, brand identity system, and foundational web and print designs. Click Here to see more of our work

Voice Search Optimization - Delia Associates

Voice Search Optimization for B2B Companies

It’s 2018, and if you haven’t spoken into your phone or mobile device for driving directions, to check the weather, or find the nearest coffee shop, you will in the near future. Voice Search is growing in popularity and it’s not just for “comfort” searches or the “little things”, rather it’s becoming a large part…
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Flashback Friday – Pickell Architecture

Brand Development, Circa 2004 At its core, Pickell Architecture knew how to seamlessly capture the spirit of historic properties with new, innovative restoration designs, resulting in projects that had an almost timeless quality to them. Working through our Brand Leadership Solution®, we established the brand statement: “A Sense of Time and Place.” Initial brand launch…
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Are Your Employees Properly Representing The Corporate Brand?

How are your employees representing your brand? In a new E-book, we’ve summarized 10 actions you can take to ensure your employees become more brand aware. These practical steps will help ensure a positive brand message is reinforced both inside and outside the workplace which will help grow your business. Download our new E-Book Here (or click the…
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Flashback Friday – Victor Tubing

Brand Communications, Circa 1991 Victor Tube Corporation, then a part of CCL Industries, was a leading manufacturer of aluminum and plastic tubes. Brand communications included new sales tools, and extensive trade advertising and public relations. The Victor Tube capabilities brochure featured a custom die-cut pocket of actual tubes, and won several awards for creativity. Click…
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Throwback Thursday – Verizon

Brand Communications, Circa 2011 Brand identity work for Verizon involved e-newsletter design and layout, and the creation of a comprehensive visual icon strategy for a variety of user experiences. Click Here to see more of our work