What’s The Color Of Love?

It’s Valentine’s Day here in the U.S. and in many countries around the world. Flowers, gifts, and cards are being exchanged as expressions of love with the color red dominating the special day. But is red really the color of love?  Watch our new video and decide for yourself! Watch the video here:  Happy Valentine’s…
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Flashback Friday – World Trade Centers Association

Brand Communications, Circa 2000’s Brand development for the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), helped support this prestigious organization’s mission of facilitating unity, trade, and investment opportunities worldwide. Branding services included several high end, highly visible books and brochures highlighting the many accomplishments of the WTCA, and the personal contributions of Guy Tozzoli, the organization’s CEO…
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Video – Brand Inspiration from the Olympic Games

In a new Brand Matters video, we detail how to draw Brand Inspiration from the 2018 Winter Olympics that will help distinguish your brand and grow your business. Watch the video here:  Here’s the Video Transcript for a more detailed look at the content: Hi, I’m Ed Delia, president of Delia Associates. Today I’m talking…
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Flashback Friday – Lucent Technologies

Brand Communications, Circa 1990’s Brand communications tools for Lucent Technologies focused initially on reaffirming Lucent’s position as a global company with a high touch localized presence in the markets it served. Then later, Delia Associates delivered a series of sales tools introducing the company’s data network protection services. Click Here to see more of our…
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outsourcing your marketing

Outsourcing Your Marketing – Pros and Cons

Marketing is necessary for every business but for most business owners, it’s their least favorite expense on the budget each year. When it comes to marketing, every company is faced with three decisions, hire someone, expand the responsibility to someone on staff or outsource the tasks to an agency. Most, if not all companies understand…
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Delia Associates - Top 6 Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Our Top 6 Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities to elevate brand visibility, from major sporting events such as the upcoming Super Bowl, to awareness days, causes, awards, and other occasions. For B2B brands, event-based notoriety often comes in the form of industry tradeshows and conferences. Unfortunately, all too often, companies simply “show up” and miss the…
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Flashback Friday – MACEF

Brand Development, Circa 1990’s Brand development for MACEF, the International Fair for Gifts, Porcelain, Fine Jewelry & Housewares, captured the importance of this international showcase event to the giftware industry. Branding services included a new logo mark and visual identity via colorful print brochures, market materials, and more. Click Here to see more of our work

most profitable manufacturing companies

The World’s Most Profitable Manufacturing Brands Heading into 2018

Fortune 500’s Global list features companies ranging from all industries. We examined the list and pulled out the top 10 most profitable manufacturers in the world! 1.) Sinopec Group – Established in 1998, the state owned Chinese oil and gas company resembles the former China Petrochemical Corporation. Sinopec an energy company, deals with traditional forms…
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Video – How To Deliver Maximum Brand Impact at Tradeshows

Tradeshows serve as an excellent opportunity for b2b companies to deliver their brand message to a captive audience of 100s of decision-makers across a wide variety of target industries. The leading companies leverage tradeshows with a comprehensive, “beyond-the-booth” plan of attack that makes their brand stand out amongst the crowd. In a new Brand Matters video, we…
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color represents brand

B2B Brand Color and Personality is Shifting

15 years ago, b2b brands were using a similar color palette, different shades of blue. Today b2b brands want their identity and personality to be more recognizable and distinctive which is being achieved by “wearing” a different color. Flashback to 2005 When looking at the 10 largest b2b brands in 2005, everyone is wearing a…
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