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Beauty Packaging recently hosted a panel discussion on how brands are bouncing back as a result of COVID-19. The panel, featuring brand expert Ed Delia, President

As a b2b organization, a well-defined, well-organized and consistently deployed brand is your most valuable asset.   Without a strong branding foundation, b2b brands run the

Convert Prospects into Leads.   Let’s start with defining a lead, and then we’ll cover: Online lead generation Why you need lead generation How you qualify

Delia Associates was recently honored with five 2020 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) American Web Design Awards for clients: Becht, Tubeaux, EmpireEMCO, Minalex and Hi-Cone. The following

New customizable solution enables professional services providers and consultants to capture more value for their time through an easy-to-use, e-commerce platform that allows them to conveniently

In the 26th Annual Communicator Awards competition, Delia Associates was recently honored with a Communicator Award of Distinction in the Integrated Brand Campaign category for EmpireEMCO.

Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates, was recently mentioned by Beauty Packaging, predicting there will arise a new corporate mandate which he calls the “Purity Movement,”

Many sales representatives are frustrated because they can’t do what they do best: get face-to-face with and dazzle new prospects. Well, they still can.   We’ve

Future Growth Opportunities for B2B Organizations   When there’s turbulence, there’s an opportunity. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, an episode unlike any we have ever seen, we

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Technology

Maximize Your Content Visibility With Atomization

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