Is the work done at your location, or do you outsource?

All of the creative and technical development is done in house by our professional staff.

Who will be working on my account?

We work with our clients in a team structure, so that any person from our team is accessible to our client when and as needed. Our Director of Program Management acts as the point person, and a central figure for communications.

What region do you service?

We service and have serviced clients from all parts of the globe.

Who owns the work product?

Creative ownership is transferred to the client upon payment.

What are your payment terms?

We invoice for services on a monthly basis, and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

What types of client relationships are the most successful?

Our best clients share common criteria: They believe in the value of long-term relationships, appreciate and recognize quality work vs. “cookie-cutter,” and value brand-based insight and expertise.

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