Delia Associates Offers New E-Commerce Solution that Enables Professionals and Consultants to Easily Offer Services Online

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New customizable solution enables professional services providers and consultants to capture more value for their time through an easy-to-use, e-commerce platform that allows them to conveniently offer and bill for hourly services.

As social distancing continues, many professional services providers and consultants are challenged to support clients during this difficult time, with scheduled meetings and face-to-face engagements frequently put on hold. Delia Associates, a leading New Jersey-based branding and marketing firm, has developed a turnkey solution to help these executives continue counseling current clients while reaching prospective new clients. This customized offering includes branding, design, programming, full implementation, as well as marketing. The platform is both easy to use and versatile, allowing professionals across many different industries to conveniently sell their time online through a simple portal and payment gateway.

Delia Associate’s e-commerce teleconsulting solution enables independent and group professional services providers to offer expert knowledge to clients quickly and affordably, not just for the near term, but also as a sustainable revenue generator. “In this unprecedented time, clients are experiencing problems and issues they have never faced and have no idea where to turn for guidance,” says Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates. “Our e-commerce teleconsulting model is completely secure, fully customizable with company logo and branding elements, and proven to work. We already have clients who are up and running with this solution reporting great results.”

Here’s how it works: clients fill out a simple online form with their contact information, a brief description of their needs, and credit card information; a call time is then established. Any necessary waivers and agreements can be included as part of this process. Before starting the consultation, the client’s credit card is initially charged a one-hour unit of time; however, the client is ultimately only billed for actual time spent with the consultant, whether 15 minutes or several hours.

Delia Associates’ e-commerce teleconsulting platform holds many benefits for professionals and clients alike. Service providers share valuable knowledge with clients and prospects, filling an urgent need with virtually no overhead – a phone or video conferencing app is all that is needed. Clients get pressing questions answered quickly, speaking with seasoned experts that they may not otherwise be able to access. Some client calls may be one-time interactions, but there is certainly strong potential to forge long-term relationships with this service as well.

Delia notes, “We see this as a great opportunity for professional services providers that sell their time and expertise to create a whole new revenue stream, expanding the range of servable clients far beyond geographic boundaries.”

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