Are You Using Brand Power to Drive Top- and Bottom-Line Growth?

August 6, 2020 10:26 am

The reason that branding has become increasingly crucial to b2b organizations, is that the variety and type of touchpoints have become increasingly fragmented.

When I started 25 years ago (and the Internet was in its infancy), communicating b2b brands to their respective audiences was relatively straight forward:

  • Pick the top 3 trade journals and advertise with as much frequency as possible
  • Send regular press coverage to a targeted list of editors covering your industry
  • Appear in all industry directories
  • Attend the top 3 trade shows in your industry
  • Deploy regular direct mail or a newsletter
  • Arm the sales team with a great presentation deck and/or brochure

Success was largely dependent on managing the above marketing activities really well. However, the array of methods for reaching audiences is much more complex. By our count, there are at least 45 Ways that b2b brands can interact with audiences, when you factor in social media, digital media, webinars, live stream and other marketing tactics.

Without a strong branding foundation, b2b brands run the risk of messaging that is fragmented, misunderstood or watered down by an array of mixed messages and visual expressions.

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Ed Delia became President of Delia Associates in 1998, assuming full control of the company founded by his father, Michael A. Delia, in 1964. Under Edโ€™s leadership, Delia Associates has contributed directly to the success and growth of a wide variety of clients, from global to regional organizations. The firm has helped many businesses to grow and expand their sales opportunities through the development and implementation of highly successful brand-based programs. Known for its business-centric creativity, Delia Associates has received numerous professional awards and industry commendations.