What Privately Held Family B2B Companies Look for In a Marketing Firm

Privately held family b2b companies typically factor in their own unique set of needs when looking for an outsourced marketing partner. These wants and preferences are deeply rooted in their distinctive business structures, values, and long-term goals. Based on serving hundreds of family-governed organizations across my career, here are the aspects of the relationship that […]

Delia Associates Celebrates 60 Years of B2B Marketing Leadership in 2024!

21,915 days. 3,131 weeks. 720 months. Any way you count it, they all equal sixty years. Sixty years of helping b2b brands achieve substantial, sustainable growth. It’s a journey that was begun by our founder, Michael A. Delia in 1964, who proudly stated, “I want to build something that lives far beyond my time.” We […]

A Joyous Holiday Season and Happy New Year to one and all!

Soon we’ll be sitting by the fireplace, enjoying time with our families and friends while watching the snow fall outside. But there’s one tradition that often gets misunderstood during this time of year. It’s wishing people “Happy Holidays.” Many think that using this term is recent and modern, without a tradition of its own. However, […]