In just three steps, you’ll be able to establish a tailored marketing plan that is prioritized, realistic, and most importantly, sets you on a path to sustainable growth in 2023

  • Acquire New Customers
  • Expand Existing Customer Relationships
  • Increase Buying Frequency

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It’s not too early to start looking to next year and thinking about what’s in store for your company’s growth.

More important is identifying the channels for your company’s growth and developing a plan to make it a reality.

Working for more than sixty years with hundreds of b2b companies, it’s become abundantly clear to us that many organizations don’t sufficiently formalize the process. Many rely on historical data, others recycle their previous year’s plan, some even go with their gut instincts. The variations can be endless. Experience has taught us that establishing a structured ranking of a growth channel is the best way to plan and achieve your objectives.

The Delia Associates 2023 B2B Brand Growth Worksheet is a valuable, one-page tool designed to tailor a targeted marketing plan that fits your needs. Based on the three primary growth methods, it defines and prioritizes the channels of growth most relevant to driving your business in the coming year.

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