Beyond Marketing: The B2B Brand Services Many

September 3, 2020 9:04 pm

When crafted correctly, a strong b2b brand serves all critical stakeholders that support the organization’s success, and in ways that extend far beyond external marketing:


CLARITY through consistent demonstration that you know who you are as an organization, who you serve, and how you do so with absolute distinction and excellence.


PRIDE in belonging to a specific tribe with distinct and noteworthy value.


APPRECIATE that they are working with a company that recognizes and values the importance of its image.


SIMPLICITY to understand what you are all about as an organization and how you deliver uncommon value.


ENTHUSIASM that comes from working with an organization that clearly understands who they are and where they are going.


A STRONG visible presence that reflects well on the industry overall.


A RECOGNIZABLE regional organization that values people and creates opportunity.

When the b2b brand is working for the good of all stakeholders, and consistently projecting and reaffirming its unique value, it’s almost hard to do anything but succeed. Why? Because all stakeholders will have a personal “stake” in making it so.


Brand Rejuvenation for a 125-Year-Old Industrial Leader.

Packaging equipment manufacturer, Standard-Knapp, is an employee-owned company that continues to lead in innovation and service after 125 years. What it had was an outstanding industrial reputation and a long list of blue-chip brand clients in industries like beverage, food, spirits and household products. What it lacked was the look, style and powerful messaging architecture needed to attract the next great customer, as well as future talent. That’s exactly what our Brand Leadership Solution® delivered.

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