Does your sales team have the tools to win?

August 8, 2022 10:40 am

Have you ever seen an Olympic athlete use worn-out equipment in competition? Never. They are functioning at the highest levels, with the best gear that the rules allow. They use everything at their disposal to achieve the slightest advantage that is often the difference between going home with a medal or just going home.

When major sales are on the line, are you giving your sales team the same caliber of equipment? Are you giving them the tools to win? I’m not talking about info sheets and brochures. I’m talking about tools that engage and excite prospects. The types of tools that give your brand the competitive edge and help your closers do what they do best.

10 Criteria of a Successful Sales Tool:

  1. Focused on one offering and one outcome.
  2. Emotionally charged (human element).
  3. Easy to read and follow.
  4. Powerful use of visuals.
  5. Clear explanation of benefits.
  6. Clear next step (Call to Action, QR Code).
  7. All pertinent contact information (directed to a person).
  8. Clear results (numbers, testimonials, or social proof).
  9. Element of urgency (explicit or implied).
  10. Alignment with corporate brand standards.

We all like to win, so if you’re interested in talking about a sales tool kit that will help your team close faster and with greater effectiveness lets set up a time to talk (Calendly).

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