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How Can HVAC Companies Take Advantage Of Social Media?

Without quality content, social media is an empty shell. Sustained development of original, compelling and useful content is where most businesses have the greatest challenge. It also is where they stand to realize the greatest rewards out of their social media presence, whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or some combination.


Content marketing is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise in a manner that is both compelling and discreet. It is a means of communicating with your target audience without coming across as “pushy.” Quality content, when deployed to social media channels, will induce viewers to take some form of action. And that action may only be a simple acknowledgement or impression of the content at first, but that’s OK. By continuously developing and deploying useful content, and then pushing it to social media channels, you are creating an inbound marketing channel that will begin to generate revenue faster than more traditional outbound tactics like cold calling. The effective use of social media takes on even more value when you realize that there are rules and regulations that govern how companies can and can’t utilize outbound calling programs (see the Telemarketing and Telephone Consumer Protection Act, June 2012 revision). Besides, today’s buyers are more sophisticated and don’t want to be sold to.

HVAC companies realize that most consumers do not purchase heaters/furnaces, air conditioners or even maintenance contracts on an impulse (unless their system just gasped its last breath!). Buyers of major home purchases do their share of research and ask a lot of questions (e.g., “How much does air conditioning installation cost?”). When it comes to heating and cooling systems, often they ask friends and neighbors about recommendations or past experiences. Today, they will just as readily ask Google or turn to their connections in social media.


Social media is that mechanism that allows potential buyers to do their due diligence at their own pace without receiving intrusive calls. They can also see comments from people within their own networks that they value more than anonymous reviews.


Leveraging popular social media platforms has proven very valuable for Meyer & Depew, a leading residential and commercial HVAC company in NJ. Delia Associates developed a social media content plan for the 65+ year old company with regular deployments via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The result was a considerable increase in appointment scheduling for installations, repairs and maintenance services.


The key is to position your brand near the top of their decision-making funnel, so you can be the first to start building a relationship. Here’s where content marketing is your opportunity to engage and leave a positive first impression on a potential buyer. But remember to omit any obvious self-promotion about your company; potential customers understand that you are a business and you have something to sell. Use references to a specific challenge or benefit to demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of their problem or need. The fact that you can readily solve their problem is implied. And you don’t come across as too aggressive.


Social media platforms are essentially connectors that enable your content to be found and shared. Try to publish 2-3 blog posts per week. Select 2-3 social media channels to deploy to, and then link each post back to your site.  This will bring viewers to your site to learn more, see past or related articles, which will lead them further down the decision-making funnel.


Once you have amassed followers to your social media pages, all of their connections will see your interactions, which will lead to even more potential visitors to your site. Start with great content to ENGAGE with potential buyers in a meaningful way. In doing so, you are developing the foundations for higher value relationships that will absolutely impact your bottom line.

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