Losing on price? It may not be a pricing problem.

April 26, 2022 3:42 pm

You make a great presentation. Your company is well-positioned to meet the prospect’s needs. The stars “appear” to align. Then, at the 11th hour, they go with the LCP (Low-Cost Provider).

I know exactly how you feel in that moment because I have been there: mad, frustrated, misled…take your pick from the negative emotions bucket. You may even start questioning your pricing model.

Before you venture too far out on the “are we too expensive?” ledge, let me pull you back. It was not a pricing problem. It was a perception problem. Your prospect did not see the cost-to-value benefit in your offering.

The fastest way to close that cost-value gap is to elevate your brand image. Many studies have proven that branded b2b companies have a 2x advantage over competitors selling on features and benefits alone. Why? Because a quality brand image inherently creates a perception of greater value. Put more brand power in your sales team’s hands so they can sell with greater confidence and close bigger deals, without sacrificing margin to do so.

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