“Mis-Fit” Marketing: Bad for Your Business.

May 10, 2022 2:07 pm

“Mis-fit marketing” happens when marketing initiatives attract the wrong type of prospects, or “misfits.” They are misaligned with your products, services, pricing, business model, or culture. They will never be great customers, and they never should have become customers in the first place.

“Mis-fit” prospects chew up time and resources. And once you start down the path with them, you feel compelled to get to the end of the rainbow. Unfortunately, the proverbial pot of gold never quite materializes. “Mis-fits” are a symptom of a misaligned brand or a misguided marketing plan. You are delivering the wrong message to the wrong people.

I often hear marketing referred to as a “numbers game,” and this is something of a misunderstood concept, especially as it relates to b2b marketing. For b2b brands, it is always a game of quality over quantity. And I would take five great prospects over one hundred “misfits” any day of the week.

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