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The easiest way to understand this foundational terminology is to think about a time when you took a long trip by car. The objective (Where to?) was to reach the end destination by tomorrow at noon. The strategy (How so?) was to plan a route that on paper represented a longer overall distance, but avoided roads tending to be high-traffic areas. The tactic (What?) was to leave at a specific time, and carefully follow the less-trafficked route, to reach the destination on time (tomorrow at noon). Is the scenario I just described measurable? Of course. And that’s the goal of every marketing tactic. If the objective, strategy and tactic are clearly defined, measuring the resulting tactic becomes easy. Going back to our scenario, let’s say you ended up arriving at your destination at 12:15 pm. You can debate whether this outcome was an overall success or failure, but the measurable result is indisputable: you arrived 15 minutes later than your stated objective.


Minalex Hero Image

A manufacturer of miniature aluminum extrusions servicing a global clientele.


Increase “measurable” lead flow to the sales team by 20%.


  • Maintain ongoing visibility among design engineers in three target vertical market
  • Extend touchpoint engagement across the three verticals
  • Elevate sales team toolkit

The Tactics

  • Targeted Trade Advertising – maintain consistent visibility in top publication reaching design engineers
  • Organic Search Marketing – achieve page one positioning in the top 20 keyword set
  • Content Marketing – to email database of customers and prospects, and trade media
  • Lead Magnet Development – creation of compelling downloadable content for target personas
  • Marketing Automation – to create follow-up opportunities from lead magnet download
  • Sales Team Support Tools Development – to establish consistent, professional presentations of the Minalex brand

THE RESULTS: 728 leads were generated across the year, a 38% year-over-year increase. 

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