Delia Associates’ Top “Pre-Released” Picks for 2020 Super Bowl Ads

January 28, 2020 2:25 pm Group of friends watch a football game together on television and rejoice

Whether it’s celebrating the same football team or watching a favorite 30-second spot, the Super Bowl does an excellent job of bringing family and friends together. We also see mega-brands and not-so-mega brands alike responding to the needs of their customers in a heartfelt way.

The Delia team voted on this year’s Super Bowl “pre-released” ads with a common denominator in mind: smart, emotional alignment. A brand like Verizon expressed that it’s not just about “tech.” It’s also about saving/protecting lives. With that message, we see a desire for brands like Verizon, Budweiser and Snickers to understand their clients’ needs on a more emotional and empathetic level.

The votes are in. Take a look at our Top “Pre-Released” Picks for 2020 Super Bowl Ads!

3 – Verizon

2 – Budweiser Canada

1 – Snickers

We’d like to know your favorites and why. Tag us on social media and include #DeliaBowl in your caption. 

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