Ralph Hernandez

Designer & Front End Developer

Ralph is a versatile, multi-dimensional digital designer, front-end developer, social media master, and more. Much more. If it’s digital, it’s a good bet that Ralph’s done it. He’s been refining and enhancing the user-experience with skill and imagination since the millennium clock turned over (that’s right, more than twenty years).

With his combined expertise and experience, Ralph likes nothing better than enthusiastically solving digital design and UX/UI challenges. At every stage, from concept and coding to testing and deployment. And it’s something he’s done for a long list of consumer and business-to-business market segments that includes pharmaceutical, health & wellness, food & beverage, personal care, retail, industrial, and technology, just to name a few.

Ralph’s keyboard wizardry isn’t limited to the ones with letters and numbers either. His passion for all things musical also fuels his creative fires. In addition to being a talented performer on the piano, Ralph’s creative skills run the writing gamut from composing instrumental music for film and media to sound design.

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