United Together Against COVID-19

March 19, 2020 11:25 am

My heart goes out to those across our nation and around the world who have directly suffered loss from COVID-19. Having also lost a loved one recently through similar circumstances – underlying conditions compounded by a virus – I truly empathize.

Over the last few days, I have felt a gamut of negative emotions just like many have: fear, anxiety, uncertainty. In contrast, I would like to acknowledge that today is the first day of Spring, a season symbolizing rebirth, renewal, growth, and most important: hope.

In this moment, I am not thinking like an American, but as a human. This virus does not discriminate; it affects all humans in some way, here in America and globally. And we all must play a role in conquering COVID-19 now, and in the future.

Here at Delia Associates, as a branding firm, we offer up this complementary emblem as a symbol of hope for all on this first day of Spring. Let this mark represent our global solidarity and conviction to do whatever is necessary, as individuals, businesses, communities, and nations, to arrest this disease.

Feel free to download and display this emblem as a pledge to support all measures that will help lead to the containment and ultimate suppression of COVID-19. We owe it to those who we have already lost. We owe it to those who are sick or out of work. We owe it to our health care professionals at the front lines. We owe it to each other. Let this mark and this moment remind us that we are all connected and, standing together, we will turn the tide and prevail.

Join me in observance of our united resolve on this first day of Spring. Join me in hope.

Ed Delia, President
Delia Associates

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Ed Delia, PCM
Ed Delia became President of Delia Associates in 1998, assuming full control of the company founded by his father, Michael A. Delia, in 1964. Under Ed’s leadership, Delia Associates has contributed directly to the success and growth of a wide variety of clients, from global to regional organizations. The firm has helped many businesses to grow and expand their sales opportunities through the development and implementation of highly successful brand-based programs. Known for its business-centric creativity, Delia Associates has received numerous professional awards and industry commendations.