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Vendor or Partner? You Choose.

For B2B executives, choosing the right firm to support their company’s branding and marketing initiatives is critical.


Unfortunately, not all firms are created equal, with a range of competencies and pricing structures available. Generally speaking, however, firms often fall into two core categories: Tactical “Vendors” and Strategic “Partners.” Both types of companies can and do provide valuable services to their clients. B2B executives get themselves into trouble when they try to ask one to be the other, or don’t fully understand the difference. While a Partner can and sometimes does function in a Vendor capacity, it’s very hard for a Vendor to elevate to a Partner level. Do you need a Vendor or a Partner? Take a look at the scenarios below which will help you recognize the difference, and clarify what type of support your organization may need. This same logic can also be applied to internal marketing personnel or departments.


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