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What is a B2B Brand?

I’ve seen so many answers to that question:





Here’s my definition in the simplest terms: A unique entity with a unique offering for a unique audience.





In application, you must always be asking these questions; especially when the introduction of a new product, service or market segment is involved:


  1. Have we “clearly” identified a unique audience?
  2. Do they have an unmet or poorly met need that we’re providing them?
  3. How will we differentiate our offerings from other providers? Like any other process, quality input sets the stage for quality output. The better you answer these questions at the onset, the better your results will be.





Meaning Beyond the Product Line.


Before the rebranding process, FORTA Corporation’s brand was represented as a disparate array of products and product attributes. The brand meaning and structure became even more confusing following a series of acquisitions.


We helped FORTA reset the brand foundation with a new logo mark and visual identity used across all divisions of the company that signified the common unique properties of its reinforcing fiber and product solutions.



We recommended the brand message “Stronger Lasting” to emphasize the distinct attributes of its products, as well as the bonds formed with customers in the construction industry.



To demonstrate how central this brand message was to the company, we reminded FORTA’s leadership that the root of the word “Forta” in German translates to “strong.”




A Promise Based on Confidence.



Omega Shielding recognized an opportunity to stand out and engage the marketplace with impact, emotion and relevance. As Brand Discovery progressed, many opportunities to visually differentiate emerged through the creation of a new, dynamic logo mark and use of an industry-unique color scheme (that also happened to align with the copper color of the product line). The new Omega Shielding symbol creatively combines the “O” and “S” while replicating the pattern of the shielding products they produce.



From a messaging standpoint, the goal was to recognize and elevate the true reasons why customers place their trust in Omega Shielding. When a customer’s shielding requirements are critical to the success of a product, Omega Shielding is the best possible solution. The message is less about the product, and all about the confidence a customer can have knowing they are working with the highest quality supplier in the industry.


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